1: Revive your core strength with quick and effective exercises for busy moms.

2: Planks ignite, tone, and trim your abdominal area. Try variations for a challenge!

3: Crunches activate multiple muscles, leading to a stronger and flatter tummy.

4: Engage your abs with mountain climbers, a dynamic exercise that boosts fat-burning.

5: Flutter kicks target lower abs, perfect for busy moms looking to tone their midsection.

6: Russian twists build oblique muscles, creating a streamlined waistline. Give it a try!

7: Obtain six-pack abs with seated bicycle crunches—a great exercise while watching TV.

8: Plank jacks combine cardio and ab-work, burning calories while strengthening your core.

9: Increase overall core stability with bridges, an excellent exercise for any busy mom. Stay tuned for more health and fitness tips designed specifically for busy moms.