Achieve Your Fitness Goals With These Must

These musttry strength exercises will help you reach your fitness goals

Squats are great for building lower body strength

Deadlifts involve lifting a barbell or dumbbell from the ground and then standing up straight

This classic exercise targets your chest shoulders and triceps

Pushups are great for upper body strength

Pull-Ups : Pull-Ups Work Your Back And Biceps. Hang From A Bar With Your Palms Facing Away And Pull Your Body Up Until Your Chin Is Above The Bar Then Lower Yourself Down.

Planks : Planks Are Excellent For Core Strength. Get Into A Push-Up Position But Rest On Your Forearms Instead Of Your Hands. Keep Your Body In A Straight Line From Head To Heels Engaging Your Core Muscles.

Lunges : Lunges Target Your Legs And Glutes. Step Forward With One Leg And Lower Your Body Until Both Knees Are Bent At A 90-Degree Angle. Push Back Up And Repeat With The Other Leg

Rows : Rows Strengthen Your Back And Biceps. Use A Cable Machine Or Dumbbells. Bend At The Hips With Your Knees Slightly Bent Pull The Weight Towards Your Torso And Then Lower It Back Down.