1: "Signs of Drug Intoxication: Dilated pupils, slurred speech, impaired coordination, unusual behavior. Quick intervention is key."

2: "Observable Symptoms: Bloodshot eyes, hyperactivity, slowed movements, a strong odor on breath or clothes. Act promptly."

3: "Physical Indicators: Sweating, tremors, abnormal heart rate, weight fluctuations. Offer assistance without judgment."

4: "Mental and Emotional Signals: Paranoia, confusion, agitation, mood swings. Show empathy and suggest seeking support."

5: "Drug Paraphernalia: Finding syringes, burnt spoons, rolled-up dollar bills. Reach out to authorities or a helpline."

6: "Social Isolation: Neglected responsibilities, distancing from loved ones, sudden change in friend groups. Extend a compassionate hand."

7: "Financial Troubles: Unexplained money problems, unusual borrowing or stealing behavior. Encourage professional assistance."

8: "Health Deterioration: Frequent illnesses, dramatic weight loss, changes in hygiene or grooming habits. Encourage medical attention."

9: "Recovery Support: Provide information about rehab centers, hotlines, and support groups. Show unwavering support and care." Remember, these snippets are limited to 35 words each. For more comprehensive content, please feel free to provide further instructions.